An old friend from my previous part time job brought her friend and stayed over at our Inn availing the Kyoto campaign sales.
They were university friends and made a lot of Kyoto trip plans this time.
One of the activities that they took fascinate me. They tried “Shakyo”, Buddhist training of tracing the Buddhist scriptures to another piece of paper using paint brush.
We believed that it is the way of enhancing our concentration and make our body in balance.
There is a saying in English “A sound mind in a sound body.” I think it’s just like that.
I’m sure they could recharge by Shakyo and got good power for their body.
Tanigawa san, thank you for sharing this new activity in our neighborhood temple and staying at our Inn.
I’m happy that they loved our bath amenities, especially the aroma shampoo and conditioner.
I’m glad to hear that those items made their hair silky and smooth and they could boost femininity.
This trip must have made them more beautiful both inside and outside!