Today, we are going to introduce another restaurant who will collaborate with us for Kyoto city’s campaign sales.
“Arash’s Kitchen” restaurant served Persian and Indian cuisine. Also, they offered Halal foods.

It is located closely to Keihan rail line “ Sanjou” station.”Arash’s Kitchen” has made it’s fourth straight year as a top popular restaurant on TripAdvisor.

The owner Arash san prepared special set meals for Kyo- Anthu Inn’s guests!
There are 3 kinds of set meals and it’s great to include a vegetarian meal as well.
According to the owner, this set of meals would be the best deal ever!
You will be satisfied enough with delicious foods.

Why don’t you enjoy different culture’s meals sometimes in Kyoto’s vintage district of Pontocho?

The accommodation coupon comes with this “Arash’s kitchen “special dinner and we are only available to sell it for Kyoto’s local people or people who work in Kyoto.
If you are not satisfied the conditions that ‘s fine but if you have a friend who meet the requirements on your traveling group that really works for you too.

It will be released on July 3rd on our website.

Please check it out and looking forward to having many guests here!

Let’s boost the Kyoto’s economy:)