My Canadian friend named George and his friend Robert came to see me after their long travel in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal in 4 weeks.
The main part of their trip was having an adventure with the rental big bike.
They were riding on the mountain , rocky road, muddy river with almost a foot deep, and some deserted areas.
They continued their bike tour for a while until they arrived in Himalayas (Nepal mountain with almost 4000 m high).
Just the thought of it makes me tired and it was the unbelievable hard trip story I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, I welcomed them with my Toronto Blue Jays T-shirt and had a gorgeous sushi party with my family!
I really appreciate of my business which bring a chance to this reunion with my friend from Canada.
I took them Fushimi Inari shrine, we had the refreshing morning hike and they got some personalized gifts which were something being engraved on the chopsticks at the store.
At the Gion district, we were trying to take a picture of Maiko or Geiko and had a Okonomiyaki dinner ( a Japanese pan cake) together.
I was happy that they all loved every places I toured them and happy to hear from them how nice to hang out with someone who is a local in the area ( which is me:).

On the last day, I said goodbye to them with my Kimono dress since I have to go to my school’s Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement )exhibition and so they were excited to take a photo with me!

George and Robert,
thank you so much for stopping by in Japan after the long trip to see me.
Me and my family had fun time with you.
Hopefully, we will see each other again in Toronto or maybe in Kyoto again !