It’s the perfect season to see the autumn leaves in Kyoto.
One of my senior workmate (we both worked for Japan Foundation in Thailand) visited our Inn and enjoyed the autumn hike at the Higashiyama district.
It’s been 3 years already since we were in Thailand but after then I have been seeing his activity on Facebook.
As a member of the Japan overseas cooperation volunteers for JICA he had taught physical education in Uganda.
It was a great time to catch each other up and heard his amazing oversea activities.
I recommended him a great deal of package plan which was visiting 3 temples (Chishakuin Temple, Sennyu-ji Temple , Tofuku-ji Temple )of our neighborhood and can get the temple’s stamps as the memory of journey.
I was really happy that he could take some beautiful pictures in every temples and made his refreshing trip in Kyoto.
Thank you for coming and staying with us, Kawanami san.
We look forward to having you again!