We’ve hosted a friendly family from Aichi prefecture.
They brought an international student from Hungary and she can speak Japanese fluently.
I think she is very lucky to be welcomed by such a nice host family.
Also, it would be a great opportunity to both since she is a big influence to the family especially to their kid’s growth and she can learn Japanese culture as well.
They followed a couple of our recommendations for the sightseeing schedule and visited Kiyomizu temple , Pontocho street for dinner and they could see Maiko, Geiko at Gion district.
It was their first time to meet a Maiko and I’m glad that they got the once in a blue moon chance.
On their second day they went to the Fushimi Inari shrine and Arashiyama.
It was a beautiful day for hiking and I’m sure they could enjoy Kyoto trip.
We appreciate the boy who is in first grade in elementary school wrote our guest ‘s note.
It was like his diary and the content was so cute. On his note the red characters of correction made by his parents and it was pleasant .
Also, Sara san from Hungry left us a warm message in English and Japanese with a cute drawing picture of our rabbit mascot.
Thank you for staying with us, Horie family and we look forward to having you next time too!