We’ve hosted two ladies on our last holidays availing the Kyoto campaign sales.
They visited Kyoto for a pilgrimage of the Saigoku-Sanjuusansho (33 temples in the Kinki region) .
They thought it’s the best timing to come to Kyoto since there aren’t a lot of foreign tourists now.
That’s correct. However, we were surprised there were a lot of Japanese visitors in Kyoto during holidays.
The pleasant situation picked us up since Kyoto is not lively and has a weird atmosphere after the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.
We still need to be careful about covid prevention though.
It was a little crowded in Kyoto but our guest could visit a couple of temples following their pilgrimage lists here.
They also got the seal of each temples on their cute stamp-books.
Ms. Kobayashi,
thank you for staying and we are happy to hear that you had a comfortable stay at our Inn. Looking forward to having you next time too.