We’ve hosted a father and son for an overnight. It was a last minute booking.
Because they won tickets four days
ago to observe the Japanese icebreaker “Shirase” docking in at the Maizuru port in Kyoto.
According to the newspaper, for the first time in ten years the Shirase came back to the port for training and holding a tour of the ship this time.
I’m sure it was very competitive to get the ticket so our guests were lucky to have the chance.
To our joy they shared the great time of the Maizuru port with us by sending pictures and also giving us a great feedback about our Inn.
We didn’t expect such a warm message that we received since they’ve just stayed a night with us.
However, they liked our hospitality and encourage them to come back again.
We appreciate the feedback and it inspired us to continue the great service to our guests!
Mr Seki,
Thank you for your stay and sharing your trip’s story. It sounds like you had a fantastic time with your son.
And we are glad to hear that you will come back with your family next time.
Looking forward to seeing you again!