Kyoto campaign sales is almost over and we are making one last effort having guests straight for 4 days on weekend.

My previous coworker, brought her daughter here and enjoyed a mini trip.
It was lot of fun for me to catch up with her, also I was planning to provide a surprise for her daughter since I’ve heard that she is studying English.
I think it wasn’t a happy surprise for her, but I offered her to take an online English lesson with me.
I’m also studying English for many years and I know how it feels at the beginning when we speak English.
But it’s a matter of getting used to it and when we realized one day, it’s already so much fun! I’m sure she can be like that in the near future. Good luck Chiaki san!

Tanaka san, thank you for coming through to Kyoto campaign sales this time.
Chiaki san , please use our family room with your girl friends’ trip next time. Looking forward to it.