We’ve hosted our first guest who used Go To travel campaign which is the travel subsidy offered up to 35% discount on domestic trips.
One guest was my younger brother who lives in a different prefecture and brought his friend along to our Inn this time.
We actually wanted to know how the campaign sales will work for us and to our guests. Because this promotion was hastily started in the situation when Japan is having a second wave of coronavirus.

So far, Tokyo is excluded from the campaign but others can use this great deal for traveling.
Our Inn won’t accept a direct booking of Go To travel promotion. However , please go through the travel agency website and then you can get the discount!
We offer you to check the agency of Rakuten travel to stick with our variety of accommodation plans.
It will be released more benefit subsidies for traveling from first of September which you can avail the 50 % discount including a shopping coupon.

Thank you for my younger brother’s sales cooperation. Anyways, they are heading to Ishikawa prefecture to see another friend.
Of course, they are using GoTo travel campaign sales again.
I hope they can enjoy and have safe traveling !