My mother’s co-workers availed the Kyoto’s campaign sale plans and having fun ladies night at our Inn this time.
They picked a dinner plan of Arashi’s kitchen and had delicious Indian & Persian foods.
They also had a nice walk on their way to the restaurant at Pontocho-street which is the famous Kyoto’s narrow street.
After dinner, they had a second party at our Inn. They really enjoyed chatting and drinking until late night like they were just young girls.
Next morning, they visited our neighborhood temple which is known for its beautiful Temizu decorated with flowers. (Temizu is a place where you wash your hands and rinse your mouth at a shrine or a temple .)
We received lovely comments and pleasant feedback from them.They told us staying here was extra ordinary and they could at least forget their daily busy lives.
And they became more nice and kind to their family after the sleep over party.
It brought a good effect on their family since they were feeling totally refreshed here.
Thank you so much for staying with us and sharing the happy stories!