The Kyoto city’s campaign sales has been started since the 9th of July.

The first guests we had are my high school friend and her friend and indeed it was memorable.
We got a lot of nice compliments about our Inn’s amenities such as the aroma shampoo ,conditioner and a body wash ball.
Also, they said that the bed frame was so comfortable with the small light outlets and small shelves .
That’s because our guest rooms were designed and well prepared on the necessary amenities from the woman’s perspective.

As for the campaign plans, they loved it!
They had a delicious Turuya lunch and enjoyed their friends’ trip in a little unusual daily life eventhough they also live in Kyoto which makes it the best part !

Lastly, we took the funny advertising photo by wearing masks, keeping the social distancing.
We will stop accepting guests on this special plans once the limit is reached.
So, if you are planning to use this benefit and staying in our comfortable inn, then it’s time to make up your mind now.

There will never be a good deal like this.
Don’t miss your chance!