We’ve got a family from the USA and China during OBON holiday.
I think both women (moms) are Chinese and they are siblings.
One of them got married with an American guy and the other one got married to a Chinese guy.
This time, the mom from China was coming to see a bonfire on the mountain event in Kyoto.
And the mom from the USA adjusted the schedule for her daughter since she is a big fan of our country, Japan.
Sorry for the dad, he couldn’t make it because of his job.

I was also having my friend from Tokyo during this holiday. So, all of us went to my previous place where my family lived.
It is the best spot to enjoy the bonfires on the mountains from my previous room.

While we were waiting for the fire to set on the mountains at 8pm, we were talking a lot of things with each other. It was a great moment.
The daughter showed us some ballet dance videos that she took in Kyoto , some pictures that she drew and playing the piano as well.

I also shared the story why we have this annual event every 16th of August.
It’s a religious reason though.
( I will mention this on my next blog.)

Anyway, our guests were really happy to have special seats and visiting our ancestral house.
They said this experience was also one of the great experiences while they are traveling here in Kyoto.

Ms. Yao family
Thank you so much for your stay and giving us fun time !
Every year, we can watch the bonfire mountain’s event.
However this year, I felt it was the most special one.
I hope you guys will bring your husbands next time and looking forward to seeing all of you again too!