During Obon holiday, I invited my friend from Tokyo to my Inn.
We’ve first met in Toronto on our study abroad and became good friends.

Whenever I visit to Tokyo , I always see her and talk about my inn’s stories. Everytime I showed my inn’s pictures, she’s been always wanting to come here.
I invited her to Kyoto this Obon because we have a famous annual summer event “Gozan Okuribi” (bonfires on mountains) on the 16th of August.
We believed that our ancestors come back to our place before the Obon holiday and go back to heaven on August 16th.
So bonfires on the mountains would be the guide post for our ancestors.

Another day , we also found a beautiful bamboo temple in Arashiyama where looks like a secret spot since no one there.

It was the great Obon holiday hanging out with my friend.
Thank you Maiko having a fun time with me and my family.
I was happy to hear that my Inn is very homey and comfortable.

As we talked, you should come to here again before the new year’s next time.
I hope we can make this plan!