Having a repeater guest made us feel so good!
She was a quite new guest when we first started this accommodation business.
The reason of her trip this time was attending a seminar in Osaka but we appreciated she dropped in for having an overnight stay in Kyoto.

Indeed, she brought us a souvenir which is a small plate painted with a cute rabbit by an artist who is her friend in Kyoto.
That’s so nice of her. We will definitely display it as a decoration in our reception area.
We are becoming a rabbit collector after having our Inn’s mascot character named Anthu-chan.
The opportunity for us to get a rabbit has recently increased.
It is so sweet of them to remember us and chose a nice rabbit gift.

Nakamura san,
thank you for your stay with us again and we are looking forward on your next reservation during Autumn season.
We always learned something from you as our guest everytime you leave a message on our guest’s note.
And happy to hear that staying with us made you comfortable and our service has upgraded than the last time you had stayed.
We look forward to having you again soon!