These Chinese girls had stayed with us for 3 days and made an itinerary by themselves.
One thing that they wanted to do in Kyoto is wearing Kimono( Japanese traditional clothes) and taking some beautiful pictures like the view of Kyoto street or shrines and temples.

I think many girl travellers want to try this kind of activity and I’m happy sharing our traditions to different people in the world most especially to our guests.
Because even Japanese, we are losing the opportunities to wear Kimono recently since it is hard to take care of Kimono materials and there are lots of works before and after wearing it.
These two girls showed me with their beautiful pink and blue Kimono pictures.
It seems that they enjoyed wearing it.
But they found out that it was difficult to walk and a little tight when wearing it.
Most of the first timers who are able to wear Kimono have same opinion about the difficulty in walking.

If you have no experiences wearing Kimono, why don’t you try them on!
You never know how tough it is unless you try it. Lol

Miss Jimimg and her friend ,
thank you for staying with us and sharing fun pictures!
I hope you guys will come back to Kyoto in different seasons next time.