We hosted some British guys for an overnight stay at our inn.
I’m always a bit sad everytime the guests stayed short since it might be difficult for us to get to know each other.
However , they already spent in Kyoto in different areas for 3 days and stayed in our inn for their next destination in Hiroshima!
Because our location is close to Kyoto station and they can have the bullet train without any hassle.

They were already exhausted from the scorching heat and yet they still visited Shugakuin Imperial villa and Fushimi Inari shrine. So, they got some rest soon after the check in and went out again from the evening.
At 12:30 midnight… they are not coming yet…..
I was getting worried since there is no more train to come back here.
Just in case they got in trouble, I texted them and they were totally fine!
According to them, they found a very nice bar at our neighborhood and they met the American travelers there.
Actually, the bar they mentioned is just a newly opened bar and I’ve been always wanted to go there.
We could see the interior design from the outside view through the big clear glass and it is fashionable and there are lots of people visiting there. Maybe I must visit this bar too!

So , everything was okay and they came back home safely at around 1am after the fun night as their last night in Kyoto.

Mr Jonathan and Thomas ,
thank you so much for your stay.
I’m happy you guys you leave a good review on our Airbnb website and I’m glad that you wanted to stay more longer next time.
So do I !
Please enjoy the rest of your traveling in Hiroshima and hopefully you guys will be back in different seasons in Japan!