I would like to thank to my previous company “WAK JAPAN ” for always supporting our accommodation business.
Ms. Saito san was my senior at the company and she stays our Inn every time when she have an early morning business matter with WAK JAPAN .
I really respect her excellent English skills specifically in business English ability and pronunciation that sounds like a native speaker.
I wanna be like her someday, that’s one of my goals.

She is taking care of the school student’s field trips wherein the school has English course since WAK JAPAN has one of the unique English plans.
Also WAK JAPAN provides many cultural experiences for individual travelers in English.
And the best thing is one of their activity place is closer to our Inn.

So I’d be happy to help you to make a reservation if you’re interested.
Please feel free to ask us when you are staying with us!

Ms. Saito san and WAK JAPAN ,
thank you so much for your stay.
Hopefully, our guests will take part in some activities with WAK JAPAN soon!