We’ve hosted a family from Ishikawa prefecture.
Everytime our guests checked in, we usually served them with Japanese tea and ” Kohaku” (Kyoto sweets).
It’s like a jelly and has flavour of Macha( green tea) and Uzu( Japanese orange).
A 11 years old boy of the family liked this sweet and exclaimed to us
“ what a wonderful service!! “
It was super cute and we were happy to hear that.

They visited Fushimi Inari shrine in the night time and the little girl of the family was planning to go to a photo studio
which is called PAPEPO MUSEUM.
I found out that they have a lot of cute and interesting photo booth for taking pictures.
Actually, I’ve never heard of this place.
It made me surprised and I found out that there are many great things about my own city.
And I’m happy to see this family always bought dinner from outside and bring it to our Inn everynight.
I think the room is more comfortable for them to spend a family time.

To Toritake family ,
thank you so much for finding us and staying for 2 days.
We are looking forward to having you next time too.